VIDA Statement Bag Mountain Daisy Treasure by VIDA CqZsfxOIS

VIDA Statement Bag - Mountain Daisy Treasure by VIDA CqZsfxOIS
VIDA Statement Bag - Mountain Daisy Treasure by VIDA
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Thu, 28 Jun
10:03AM (GMT+8)



I was super inspired to make some Kurdish recipes after some Syrian friends invited us to a Kurdish buffet a few months back. I can not tell you how many times I’ve driven passed the Kurdish restaurant and never gave it a second thought. I remember sitting on the bus and noticing it for the first time maybe 15 years ago. It is by far our favorite buffet in the Dallas area now.

Vegan Matubal – Eggplant Dip This is like baba ganoush but with yogurt! I wish I had grilled my eggplant for the smokey flavor. I live for that flavor but I roasted my eggplant in the oven. I bought what appeared to be male eggplants (round little dots on the end, not the slit shape) but mine came with a lot of seeds to my surprise. Next time I will smoke these over an open fire. Such an easy recipe!

2 eggplants, garlic, 2 TB tahini, small container of yogurt (I used 4 ounces of forgers cashew vegan plain yogurt), lemon juice, salt to taste and garnish of oil + parsley

Inspired by Nutrizonia

Vegan Ghraybeh – Butter Cookies These are so soft and creamy! This is the only time I’ve ever had them so I hope they came out right. I was thinking they would be kind of dry and sandy which is my least favorite kind of cookie. But these were soooo doughy and good. I didn’t have rose water so I just used a dash of almond milk. From what I’ve read you can use half as much sugar as I used but I highly recommend using the full amount. These are not crazy sweet. Because they don’t have leavening agents they’ll look the same shape coming out of the oven as going in.

125g powdered sugar (about 1/2 cup), 125g vegan butter softened (about 4 ounce), 250g flour (about 2 cups), 2 tiny dashes of almond milk (2 TB?), flavor extract optional (I used almond extract), nuts for garnish

Inspired by Little Sunny Kitchen

Vegan Kubba – Wheat Meat Rice Balls I’ve seen these spelled a couple different ways. All of the recipes I looked at said you need to add an egg to the rice dough. I was debating whether to add a vegan egg to it but ended using all of my vegan eggs in a cake recipe the night before. When I fried these they did get holes which I’m guessing is from them sticking to the bottom. Maybe a vegan egg would have help but I’m not sure. These were great!

VIDA Statement Clutch Spring is here by VIDA mfql9yJpWG
Behind the 9 , VIDA Foldaway Tote Black White by VIDA r0a6mE3n
, Niner News
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Curious about what it takes to choose new colors for a bike? We sat down with our Senior Graphic Designer, Nate Adams, to discuss how he comes up with new colors and designs for all of our bikes.

The first step is wrapping my head around what colorways are going to be in our lineup at the release date of the new project. I use a production colorway plan to see the whole lineup. From there I will start creating mood boards and get some themes going.

If there is not going to be a physical change to the frame and we just want to freshen up the bike then we usually keep the graphics the same and dive straight into color. If we are changing the frame’s layup then we go for completely new graphics and color. Lead time from submitting art to our factory and the bikes landing in our warehouse is generally 75 to 120 days.

I pull ideas from many places. Sometimes something will catch my eye from the ski/snowboard industry or I’ll see a really cool new truck color. The most fun and rewarding source of inspiration come from travel and the natural world. For instance, when I was in Mexico last week, I caught a mahi-mahi fish and the way the yellow and green blazed in the sun was stunning! I love seeing how different colors play off each other.

I already made it… it’s the new Camo VIDA Statement Bag ROSES by VIDA BCZxZ3D
which also happens to be available to everyone else as well haha! I have always been a fan of chartreuse but you can’t beat a badass black bike… A Rainbow Trout themed bike could be cool!

It is impossible to foresee what our fellow bike manufacturers are going to come up with due to the lead time in production but we try to avoid similar colorways that are already out in the marketplace. I also try to avoid any colors that may fade or show immature wear.

I have been in love with bicycles since I was about 13. One of my first jobs in high school was powder coating the original Schwinn Homegrown frames here in Colorado. It was so fun slapping all the bass boat metal flake brilliance on their frames and I was able to paint myself some custom bikes to ride and race on as well. From there I continued to race bikes while attending Colorado State University. I graduating with a Bachelors in Graphic Design. When Niner moved to Fort Collins, it seemed like a natural fit for me and the rest is history.

Taste in color is very subjective. One person may see lemon yellow as lemonade while another may be reminded of urine… haha. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s good to have a little tough skin as not everyone will like the colors choices made.

The 2016 RLT 9 RDO was my first project at Niner. It is still one of my favorites for sure.

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